Let’s try this again

Okay so it’s been awhile and basically I never really started but its a new year so why not try again.

Let’s talked  about this little locket I recently found. I had an amazing day where I went to a few of my favourite stores and came out with a treasure from each one. I actually felt a little guilty getting so many good things. But the scales were balanced when I went out the next week and found almost nothing. Helps with the guilt.

This little blue guilloche locket has seen better days as the enamel is chipped on both sides near the hinge but it is still super wearable and significantly more affordable then any I’ve seen online. I lucked out as it had just been put out. I didn’t find the markings until I got home and I still haven’t deciphered them but both the seller and are were certain it is sterling.20160114_145157

I’ll have to get out a better magnifying glass…or maybe just better eyes.


You can just make out the markings on the bail. It really doesn’t matter what they say since it’s mine and I’m not giving it up anytime soon but I love the research anyway!