20200422_094305Everybody keeps talking about all this extra time at home but being on maternity leave little has actually changed for me. Obviously some new anxieties etc. But day to day, other than my husband being home, it is basically the same.

That aside I found a little time to play with some jewels. I pulled them together from the various locations I had them stored. At one time I didn’t appreciate this style of vVictorian Scottish Agate jewellery but now I love it. This is my tiny collection (minus on piece that is in one of my repair piles, something I’ve been slowly tackling but I don’t always have the necessary items for the fix on hand). The start to this collection really was the double heart brooch. I lucked into it at a local consignment store for $20.  It’s unmarked but I believe it to be silver.  I actually bought several pieces that day. I go frequently but I haven’t found a windfall like that since.

Here’s a photo of the back. I love the closed setting on the centre stone. I need to learn more about stones but I imagine it could be a cairngorm. I think it is also foil backed, which is an old style of enhancing stones, I’d been looking for an example when I found this.


These pieces are resting on a jewellery box I picked up at a flea market over the winter. The seller had owned it a long time and said it came from the estate of a woman named Elizabeth May (unknown middle name initial V).  Elizabeth is my first name and I have some distantly related Mays in my past ansectry,  no know Elizabeth’s but I like to think maybe we are related. Clearly I had to bring this home. It was also a bargain though it too needs a little repair.