Hello again world

It’s been forever since I’ve posted.  Life just got in the way I guess.  It’s been wonderful though,  life that is. But while I haven’t posted I have been out thrift in up a storm. Possibly too much but who’s to say?

My main love is jewellery because honestly it’s easier to fit in my home but this last weekend I purchased a painting I’m kind of in love with.  It is marked Brekstad 1938 in the bottom right and I suspect was painted by the gentleman who’s estate was being cleared. I didn’t get to this sale early but I think things were big brought out all day because I went back on day two and found this for only 2 dollars.


It’s very naive and I have to rarrange my art wall. But I needed to do that anyway so this is excellent motivation.

I got a few other sparkly treasure but I only took pictures of a few. I purchased this little cluster from the same lady. I think my favourite pieces are the cut steel buckles and the cupid porcelain brooch.


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