Some sales this weekend

I’ve been lazy lately. Not with buying but with posting. However this past weekend I had a very tiny but thrilling jewellery haul I wanted to share. Such a manageable size it all fits in one photo.

I got the little 10k ring and sterling agate at the first sale for only 1$ each. I actually offered a bit more but she talked me down.

Another sale yielded this 10k engraved cross. It’s more rose gold than yellow and based on the style and marking it is, I think, Victorian. It belonged to the woman’s grandmother and I found it in this box tucked inside a sewing box at the sale. She quoted me $5 and I had to have it. I’m not religious so I don’t usually wear crosses but this one is so lovely I may make an exception.

Lastly two tiny charms at $0.50 each. I’m pretty sure the typewriter is marked 925 and the other is Quebec modernist designers De PassillĂ©-Sylvestre. I have a growing collection of their work, and some other Canadian modernists, so I was happy to add to it!

We went to more than 3 sales but this is all I came away with. Great for both my wallet and my living space!

Happy Monday!

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