Surprise I went thrifting

I had the week off work and since I’m on a stay-cation I felt totally justified running around town spending my money at thrift stores. I also had lunch/coffee wih folks and got a hair cut so I wasn’t too single minded.

There were a few places where I didn’t purchase anything but all in all I’m really happy with what I did get! I think I went to about 11 thrifts and antique stores this week.

Here is what I purchased. Sorry for the blurry photos. I wasn’t planning to post when I took them and am too lazy to take new ones right now.

I have trouble resisting a vintage jewellery box and this one was basically free since I had my $5 card filled up. (Also it was technically $5) the little dish on top is sterling silver from Birks and was only 75 cents. It needs a little polish but nothing can’t handle.

I scored a set of Bodum cups for 75 cents each (just lke the ones on TNG so that made my fella happy) and a glass jar that matches the others in our kitchen.

I also got a few articles of clothing and some jewellery but the jewellery didn’t photograph well so I’ll share that another time.

The blue sweater is super soft and the floral tank is perfect for summer which, despite the 50 tons of snow this week, I have to believe is on its way. Of course a black blouse. Can’t have too much black right?

I have a few other finds I love that I’ll share later.

This weekend holds one more sale from the local antique association. Fingers crossed I end my holidays with even more good luck!