Recent finds

I’ve been bad about posting but I haven’t stopped finding. I’ve had some really sweet finds not all of which I’ll share right now… but I’ve had some excellent bracelet scores both new and vintage though all secondhand that I’m super excited about. Maybe it’s the thought of spring and I’m. Just gravitating towards them. I don’t tend to wear bracelets in the winter because of all the coats and large bangles can get sweaty in the peak of summer.

Here they are:


The first photo is two laminated bracelets i picked up in different locations but side by side. I also picked up a narrower one with green grass in it (not pictured). I have been admiring this style at local craft and art sales but they’ve been out of my price range, but this past month I stumbled across three at various thrifts!

One of my favourites is the rhinestone encrusted celluloid bracelet. This is an area of my plastic collection that is sadly lacking. but this sweet little lady brings up the ante.



I managed to score all these lovelies from the one vendor. The brown bakelite sadly has a tiny chip and the pearl enamel has a broken clasp but they were both too good a price to leave behind. The orange and thin marbled bangle are also bakelite and the whole pile here only set by back $15! You can see that only one of the three chain bracelets has a clasp but this I can fix so I hardly consider that a flaw. I’ve worn most of these already even though I’m still stuck wearing a coat. 🙂

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